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For Aeons Past (2010)
"For Aeons Past"
Full-length, 2010


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Cover artworl revealed! 2015/09/22

Ok guys, here it is - the cover artwork for 'NIGHTMARES IN THE WAKING STATE - PART I' - to be released worldwide on November 20th, through AFM Records! It will be released on CD and Gatefold Blue 2-Vinyl (strictly limited to 500 units), as well as through most digital platforms.

Artwork by Par Olofsson
Layout design by Ogino Design


Release date! 2015/08/31

Ok guys, time to mark your calendars: On November 20th the 1st part of our new double concept album will be released worldwide, once again through AFM Records! It will be released on CD, vinyl and through most digital platforms. Cover artwork and album title will be announced in a few weeks time, so stay tuned!

Some sad news! 2014/07/09

Brothers and sisters, we are sorry to inform you that Solution .45 and Tom Gardiner have decided to go separate ways, due to reasons which Tom himself will give further details about below.

For the record, there is no bad blood or hard feelings or anything like that causing this split. We still very much consider Tom our talented friend and brother and we'd like to thank him for the years in the band and wish him the best of luck in the future (your time will come brother, so stay positive and strong!).

As for the ongoing pre-productional phase and the upcoming album-recording, nothing has changed. In other words, everything will proceed according to plan.

Here follows Tom's statement:

Hey y’all. I regret to say that I won’t be along for the new albums and I’m basically freezing most of my musical activity for the rest of the year! It’s never an easy thing to write a statement like this, but this statement also stands for Hateform, and other bands/projects that I am/was involved with.

My friends, family and basically everybody who personally know me would all agree that I have always put music and my instruments above everything else in life. A mentality like that can’t exist without making sacrifices, risks and tough (sometimes wrong) decisions. Especially in this day and age when it is as hard as it is to make a living as a musician. Not to mention that building an actual ”life” around all the music can be quite a challenge. If you can make ends meet and manage all the musical activity, it can really be a fragile ecosystem. Musicians alike can all testify that all it takes is perhaps a bad relationship, injury or weakening health, unstable living conditions, maybe some crazy complaining neighbors or just bad luck and you can (and will) be set back musically for who knows how long. I’ll keep it out of this statement what it actually is or was that set me back, but all I can say is that it wore me out pretty bad.

I’ve been looking for that new beginning for a couple of years now, and the good news is that there finally is some light at the end of the tunnel.
The bad news is that shit had to go down right at the time when it would have been paramount to contribute to the upcoming Solution .45 albums. As you well know, we all live far apart, some in different countries even, so you can all imagine it is a time-consuming business of sending files back and forth and being alert over the internet giving feedback and interacting that way. The majority of the material is getting ready and I can tell you, it will sound great when it’ll be finished so don’t worry about that! I still can’t feel eager or even happy about doing these albums because I couldn’t interact in the writing process. Generally if there is one thing I am super enthusiastic about, it is to interact with making albums, be it writing or producing/recording or whatever! Simply laying down some guitar work here and there won’t cut it for me this time, as I know I could have made a difference as an artist also. On top of that, I can’t commit myself 100% to be ready for the studios, as they are booked right at the time when I’ve got some of those life changing events, that WILL be given the priority this time! After all, I’ve been a member from the beginning and these were really the albums I was always waiting to do. So trust me, it’s been a tough call deciding to let this one go!
The guys have been super understanding with my situation and decisions, so I would like to humbly say thanks to you Chris, Jani, Patrik and Rolf! It’s been a great ride!
I would also like to thank all the fans and friends and great people I have met during this journey! Stay true and please, support music! I’ll see you around one way or another. Peace & love!

Yours truly, Tom Gardiner

Solution .45 endorsed by Steinberg! 2013/09/17

Solution .45 is proud to announce that we are no endorsed by Steinberg!

More progress! 2013/08/29

Hands down - I just put the finishing (pre-productional) touches on what might be one of the best choruses I've ever been a part of writing! This one is for a song I'm working on together with Mr Pat E. Guardbeerg!

S.45 camp is slowly building up to speed.


New album in progress 2013/07/21

Today we finalized and forwarded the basis - the method of procedure and estimate of costs - for the next S.45 album-recording, which we're aiming at getting started on some time early 2013. Now all we can do is to keep our fingers crossed our label will approve!

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Physical Edition of "Self 2.0" 2013/06/21

Looking for new stuff with S.45 frontman Christian Älvestam on vocals? Look no further!

Visit and order yourself a physical copy of "Self 2.0" - (limited to 500 hand numbered and signed (if so desired) copies; featuring two bonus tracks previously unreleased!).

New Official Website! 2013/03/13

Finally, here it is! The new and official Solution .45 website, made by our good friend Seiya Ogino of Ensamvarg Creative Studio (

Surf on by!

Happy New Year! 2013/01/01

Ladies and gents, January will not only mark the beginning of a new year, it will also mark the start of a new writing process, set to eventually result in the completion of the next chapter in the S.45 saga, that is a new album! Finally everyone in the band is on the same page again, time-wise, which is a great relief. With that said, we're all now looking forward to resuming work, getting down to business, for real!

Happy New Year everyone!

Merry Christmas! 2012/12/24

Solution .45 would like to wish you all a very merry (retarded) Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christian's Solo Album 2012/10/25

Today "Self 2.0" - the new solo EP from S.45 frontman Christian Älvestam - was officially released in all major web-retail outlets and streaming services, via Pivotal Rockordings. You can find it here:

Atlanta show is over! 2012/09/26

Dudes and dudess!

We´re back in Europe and Scandinavia after a fantastic experience in Atlanta/Georgia. It was the first time in the US and A for most of us but what an impact you guys did on us. We can´t wait to get back again. Our show this saturday at Center Stage/Progpower went really well and we´d like to give a BIG thank you to the ones who showed up on the concert. Thanks to all you kind people that we met during the hot days in Atlanta. We owe you all possible gratitude. A huge thank you to our sponsors Andy, Amy and Alicia without whom we wouldn´t be able to do this show. The biggest of respect to you and your dedication. A great applause to Glenn and the professional Progpower Crew. You guys were terrific and we´ll gladely come back one day to work with you again.

We´ll see what happen next but one thing is for sure...this is not the end of anything. Rather the opposite....To be continued...!!!

Christian, Patrik, Anders, Tom, Jani and Rolf